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The Plant2Cloud product line is an innovative cultivation technology solution with real-time sensor monitoring, delivering the ability to control and track all areas of a grow room and outdoor farm wirelessly, using a hand-held device such as a smart phone or tablet. The Plant2Cloud Control System links CO2, PPFD, DLI, VPD, temperature, humidity, timers, lighting and irrigation layers, weather stations, soil sensors,  irrigation valves and pumps and allows more customization of your system than any other product line on the market today.

The Plant2Cloud Control System

A Proactive “Early Warning System” Designed to Give You Peace of Mind, whether you implement climate control such as air conditioning or intake/exhaust fans, automation has been the solution for the environmental stability you rarely find in nature. Unfortunately, the day may come that you check on your crop only to find your exhaust fan or air conditioner has failed, and your plants have burned under your 650ºF bulbs. Just imagine, a simple text message alerting you to the overheating could have saved the day.

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