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Introducing Automated Nutrient

Dosing and Irrigation Systems

Cellular Wireless

Monitoring and Control

No expensive WiFi needed, we use very affordable cellular connections. If your cell phones works in an area our controller will also! Remote sensing and control using cellular connections to the Internet. Almost any enviromental condition can be measured and controlled to a fine degree thereby alowing repeatable crop quality and repeatable yields. Nutrient dosing and irrigation are precise and completely hands free using browser based commands. Plant recipies are readily availabe online and can be easliy modified to your needs, for almost any crop.
Our latest product line focuses on fully automating the growth cycle. Dosing any number of nutrients, measuring countless conditions: pH, EC, disolved oxygen, temperature, humidity, light, CO2, soil moisture, etc. Enviromental conditions can be controlled and optional alarms can be set to email or text you when needed. All our systems are constantly “updated over the air”.

Indoor & Outdoor

Farming Automation

ZCF - Zero Carbon Food

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Wireless Controller works with virtually any sensor