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Wireless Controller

The Plant2Cloud wireless controller can be configured to connect to dozens of sensors, ball valves, pumps, etc. Multiple mating connectors can be brought out if needed.
The Plant2Cloud controller can be powered form an internal rechargable battery, or an external 12 volt power supply if needed.
Waterproof Data Port and internal battery charging connection.
Example of “stand alone” battery powered controller:
Example of “stand alone” battery powered controller connected to a remote humidity and temperature sensor. Sensor can be placed anywhere and easily adjusted for canope height. Batteries last over six months on a charge:
Wireless controller controlling twenty (20) dosing pumps, four (4) ball valves, four (4) sensors, an air pump, several 110 volt switches for led lighting and submersable pumps. Additionally, the resoviour is sampled before irrigation is performed and results are shown on bar graph display shown here.
Wireless Cellular Controller (WCC-205)
Includes all operational software
Military grade electronics
Triple probe option available, as an example run three soil temperature or moisture probes at different soil depths off of one WCC-205 controller
Internal GPS option available
Protection level housing Ip66-UL Listed and meets NEMA types  1, 3, 3S, 4, 4X, 5, 6 and 6P Enclosure ratings
Weatherproof internal cellular antenna
Direct two-way communication to our Cloud servers
Internal datalogger with 8 Giga Byte local storage
Unlimited server data storage and retrieval
"Over the air" lifetime free updates of the wireless operating system
"Over the air" application script downloading from our servers - allows easy coding of "proprietary" customer applications
Extensive on board system diagnostics and reporting
Internal rechargeable lithium battery, quickly charged on site
Typically 6 months minimum of continuous operation on a battery charge, visual inspection for animal damage is needed every 6 months anyway.
Local backup of measured data
Programmable email and text alerts
Includes on-board temperature and cellular signal strength reporting (RSSI)
One (1) year warranty - extended warranties available
Operating Temperature : 0°C to +65°C ( 0°F to +149°F )
Case /Connectors: 0°C to +65°C ( 0°F to +149°C )
Weatherproof case connectors
Dimensions 135.4mm (5.33") H x 121.6 mm (4.78")W x121.6 mm (4.78")L
Weight 1.08 kilos (2.38 lbs.)
Lighting Timers (each with secondary delay timer) Light-Flip Control for Flip Box Operation Day/Night Zones/Outputs Cooling/Heating/Limit Thermostats Humdify/Dehumidify Humdistats 24-Hour Timers Standard Cycle-Timers 24-Hour Scheduled Cycle Timers Off-Delay Timers Re-start Delay Timers 24-Hour Cancel Timers Hour Meters CO2 Injection & Ventilation Controls w/Boost Timer