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Dosing nutrients and irrigation

Latest client: “ Dear Plant2Cloud, I'm writing to inform you that we will extend our monthly subscription to 3 full years because of two record setting yield growth and harvest cycles we have experienced since using your products and services. In addition, we are now involved in grow operations in 3 locations and will equip each with Plant2Cloud systems. We are pleased with the results which have returned 30% increase over past yields and the THC percentages of our Kush / OG hybrid increased from 25% to 31%. This simply translates to more weight and potency of our product and thus greater profitability. Sincerely, Mike Birdsall Mad Mike's 4:20 Superstrains “ The Plant2Cloud dosing and irrigation system sets the industry standards for auto dosing! The system will easily dose a 13 part blend (nutrients, additives, pH adjuster, etc.) while maintaining your preset EC and pH settings. Here are a few of the many features: Super easy to use! Simple scripting allows you to easily maneuver between calibrating, set points, alarms and configuration. If you can program a number into a cell phone, you can program your Plant2Cloud system and we are always here to help. The flexability of easy scripting lets you fully customize your unique needs! Both ball valves or peristaltic pumps can be used with the Plant2Cloud system. Peristaltic pumps are generally a better long-term investment as they allow the nutrient solution to be located at ground level with less risk of leaks and spills. The Plant2Cloud system can scale up to as many irrigation stations as you need, allowing different areas of your grow space to be watered on different schedules. Use one reservoir or have a pump feed each station at different times. You can also set your system to only irrigate during the daytime. Connect without a PC! The Plant2Cloud system has the ability to be connected to a PC, but it is not necessary. Growers should determine their own privacy level … if you don’t want your controller online or connected to a PC, it doesn’t need to be. If you want to have the benefits of data logging, trending and scheduling you access your account using a cell phone, tablet, or laptop,  If you would like remote access and alarms, simply connecting to the internet will give you all of this… you choose your own comfort level! Works with any nutrient line! Any nutrient line can be used with the Plant2Cloud system. The Plant2Cloud system supplies your proper dilution ratios (don’t worry, we can help) and the system will keep the reservoir at your perfect recipe 24/7. Plant2Cloud is a cloud-based solution allowing growers fully access to, set, monitor and manage their climate and control systems – anywhere, anytime. Visit www.plant2cloud.com for more information. More features: Measure nutrients in EC/CF/TDS (500/640/700 scale) User determined temperature and date format pH lower or raise Able to set different EC for day and night Able to lower EC by adding water Four types of alarms (local, PC, text, email) Irrigation pump output Fail safe dosing shut offs Flexible Outputs (Valves, booster pumps, dosing channels) Program different recipes for different strains and different grow stages Has its own integrated Irrigation Controllers Inputs (EC, pH, Flow, Temperature, DO, Tank Level, etc.) Ideal for dilute tank applications Low residual volumes for efficient feed switching Excellent mixing at all flow rates Works with a wide range of stock concentration strengths Automatically maintains proper nutrient and pH levels Automate reservoir fill and flush Measures in both EC and PPM (0-4999 PPM) Designate nutrient strengths for over 20 different nutrient/additives. Seamless integration with Irrigation schedules and irrigation system operations Seamless integration with all enviromental controls, such as air flow, room temperature, CO2, humidity, etc. Monitor and control with iPhone or Android, laptop, desktop, or tablet. Fail safe dosing shut offs Sequential dosing to prevent power surges

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Thirteen (13) nutrient bottles, one (1) pH sample bottle, one (1) EC sample bottle, twenty (20) liquid pumps, three (3) isolated 110 volt power switches, four (4) ball valves, one (1) pH, EC, H2O temperature display, one (1) dual sensor interface for pH and EC, one (1) additional dual sensor interface for H2O temperature and reservoir level, one (1) air pump to keep bottle nutrients finely mixed and not gathered on the bottom. This complete system does all the nutrient and additive dosing into the reservoir, the pH and EC sensing, the irrigation pump control, the LED lighting control, the water sourcing into the reservoir, the mixing of the water and nutrients in the reservoir, the reservoir level sensing, the dosing pump control, the reservoir pump control for irrigation, and more as wirelessly controlled from our cloud computers. Software can be downloaded and fine tuned for any crop you need. All software updates take place “over the air” using inexpensive cellular connections.  
Example of control code automatically downloaded to the system. You can easliy modify this, or we can do it for you. Our system gives you the ultimate flexabilty!!
Example Plant2Cloud System:
Connect any inexpensive water filtration system, like the one pictured below using one of our cellular controlled LBV-205 ball valves.
To mixing tank
From water source
We can easily modify this and many other schedules any way you want!
EC,pH, and water Temperature display
Wireless cellular Controller controls valves, sensors, pumps, LEDs, fans, humidifiers, heaters, etc.
All data from the sensors like temperature, EC, pH, humidity, disolved oxygen, air flow, soil moisture, soil temperature, turbidity, UV, etc. are automatically reported to Cloud Computers for trending and recipe adjusting. Multiple recipes can use the “system” at different times, for different plants!
One (1) week trending Soil Moisture example:
Gold  --  Plant#1 moisture (VWC)
Blue -- Plant#2 moisture (VWC)
Green -- Plant#1 soil temperature (DegF)
Red -- Plant#2 soil temperature (DegF)
Clearly, for some reason plant#1 is getting too much irrigation.
Flat top indicates this plant is totally saturaded with liquid!
Dissolved oxygen can be measured by our sensor and adjusted. An excellent way of increasing dissolved oxygen is by using a water chiller and recirculation pump to create some rippling or turbulence at the surface level.
Mad Mike's 4:20 Superstrains latest growth
Plant2Cloud fan, lighting, temperature, and irrigation controller.
Our system is like the video shown here, but ours is easily done using your phone :
We use these “best in class” soil moisture probes made by Vegetronix Inc. :
Dosing in action